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400m above Shenzhen at KK100, December 2011

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I am a London-based writer. Currently, Contributing Editor to major UK architecture/design magazine Blueprint, editor-at-large for the Journal of Wild Culture, contributor to Architecture d'Aujourd'hui and others.

I have written for magazines covering art, real estate, technology, and music. From 2007, I brought the edgy London art scene to hip London site le cool. I have contributed to Phaidon's architectural encyclopedia and did a year's columnist residency on the Royal institute of British Architects Journal in 2013/14. I instigated and co-curated Lisbon Open House 2012.

 I am the author of three non-fiction books about skyscrapers and urbanism. 

I graduated from the University of London in Physics and Astrophysics and have worked in software publishing and club promotion. I have experience in news analysis, PR copywriting, speechwriting, conducting tours and media training. I have  also been an exhibited artist and an actor. And I know three jokes.

This site contains recent articles and selected archive material. You can also check out my books, some photos and my every-now-and-then blogs!

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I thought most of my fellow Herberts died in the Great War, but there are still hundreds of us with the same last name. Here's who I AM NOT:
Herbert Wright, learned American author of the novel Do Clones Have Souls
Herbert Wright, American science fiction scriptwriter and producer, friend of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry
Herbert Wright, Youth Secretary of the NAACP in the 1950s, who often debated Malcolm X on Civil Rights
Herbert Wright, who wrote about the Vatican in the last century
Sir Herbert Wright, botanist who in 1907 lectured on Rubber Cultivation in the British Empire
Herbert W Wright, Arizona judge