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Herbert Wright

Welcome to my website


I am a freelance writer, covering architecture, urbanism and art...

plus topics including the design, space, reality, the past and future... and when I can, short stories!


I am Senior Contributing Editor to Korea's leading architectural magazine C3. I was Contributing Editor to UK architecture/design magazine Blueprint until 2020. I publish extensively elsewhere in European and Pacific media titles.


My work is accessible and researched – my approach is driven by curiosity and informed – my outlook is local, European and global. And I know three jokes.


I have written books about architecture and urbanism. I have covered London's art scene for hip London site le cool, contributed to Phaidon's architectural encyclopedia, I curated Lisbon's first Open House weekend, and been a columnist on Royal institute of British Architects Journal.


I graduated from the University of London in Physics and Astrophysics. I have experience in publishing consultancy, news analysis, PR copywriting, giving talks, chairing panels*, conducting tours, media training and more.


*But not paneling chairs


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Don't get me messed up with these guys- if they are who you're looking for, click the link!
Herbert Wright aka G Herbo aka Lil Herb Chicago-based cigar-chewin' rapper

Herbert Wright, learned American author of the novel Do Clones Have Souls
Herbert Wright, American science fiction scriptwriter and producer, friend of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry

Herbert Wright Jnr, American archeologist
Herbert Wright, Youth Secretary of the NAACP in the 1950s, who debated Malcolm X on Civil Rights
Sir Herbert Wright, botanist who in 1907 lectured on Rubber Cultivation in the British Empire
Herbert W Wright, Arizona judge


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