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Phone-camera shots (this from Guangzhou) are on my Instagram feed



L'Année Derniere

A film by Nuno Cera which contemplates Kenzo Tange's Tokyo City Hall

Words and voice-over by Herbert Wright




Finnish Professor Paloheimo has designed a eco-city. In China he meets Zhang Yue, who's about to build a 220-storey vertical city. They share objectives but are worlds apart.

I interview Zhang in Anna-Karin Grönroos'  2014 documentary....


Random, Or Is It? Mainly built environment snaps on my Tumblr blog, including:
©Herbert Wright 2014

Charles Correa with Herbert Wright and Blueprint colleague Shumi Bose, London May 2013 (Photo: Barbara Doux)


SPLIT- a video interview with artist Simon Tyszko about Phlight, his wing in a flat
Film by David Ellis and Simon Tyszko, 2008


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