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Views from Hotel Rooms 2020-2024

What I saw from every hotel room I stayed in this century. Just the views as they were at the moment with an everyday device to hand. 



E-motion-AI City, still from Tszwai So's film

E-motion-AI City

In this beautiful short film by Tswai So of Spheron Architects, my words and voice in interview thread through the soundtrack. It was presented by Hong Kong at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. Shot in Kowloon's Tsuen Wan neighbourhood, it follows a young family, while I muse on the inexorable digitilisation of our urban world.

Screened in Venice & Hong Kong 2021, YouTube 2022



Post-Digital Psychogeography

My keynote speech in full at element urban talks in Krakow, December 2018

The talk lays the foundation of my thesis - we are sleepwalking into the digital matrix.

Starting from an exploration of psycho-geography, I make the case for authenticity in the city. I spell out where digitalisation is taking the city, and where it could go. But there are good analogue lessons to be learnt from cinema and the backstreets of China.




my Instagram feed  (this shot from New York just before 2020 lockdown)



The crucial show at Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019 was Sébastien Marot's Taking the Country's Side. The issue is city and the countryside. A Talk Talk Talk discussion followed - my provocative question is at 14:50




L'Année Derniere

A film by Nuno Cera which contemplates Kenzo Tange's Tokyo City Hall

Words and voice-over by Herbert Wright




Finnish Professor Paloheimo has designed a eco-city. In China he meets Zhang Yue, who's about to build a 220-storey vertical city. 

I interview Zhang in Anna-Karin Grönroos'  2014 documentary....


Random, Or Is It? Mainly built environment snaps on my Tumblr blog, including:
©Herbert Wright 2014

Charles Correa with Herbert Wright and Blueprint colleague Shumi Bose, London May 2013 (Photo: Barbara Doux)


SPLIT- a video interview with artist Simon Tyszko about Phlight, his wing in a flat
Film by David Ellis and Simon Tyszko, 2008


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