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Humanity's Destiny is Shifting - Where are We Heading?

The future of civilisation could be gleaned by thinking about astrobiology and the explosion of data

Medium, April 2023



Shape and Space

An epic survey of the interaction of design and astrophysics from Australian Aboriginal astronomy to notions of settling Mars

print only - Seisma magazine, autumn 2021 




Ravit Helled, JUNO investigator, interviewed

Ravit Helled talks about her interest in planets and her work with NASA's JUNO mission at Jupiter
Ravit Helled parle de son intérêt pour les planètes, et son travail avec JUNO, le mission NASA à Jupiter
published in l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, Dec 2020


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Simulation still from The Wilding of Mars by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, courtesy the artist

Flowers on Mars

There's long been a lot of hype about Mars and now it's about building bases and cities there. But maybe we can imagine a totally different future for the planet, as Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg's Wilding of Mars does. An exhibition at London's Design Museum explores possibilities and raises questions.

Journal of Wild Culture Dec 2019 



Self-portrait by Tracy Caldwell Dyson in ISS (2010)

ISS: Architecture Beyond Earth book review

David Nixon's mighty book International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth (Circa) is stuffed with information and stunning images. And it asks if the ISS meets Vitruvius' ancient principals of architecture. My review has answers + ponders the eventual ISS fate.

Blueprint 347 July 2016/ designcurial September 2016


LK-3 lunar lander (engineering model, 1969) at Cosmonauts exhibition. Courtesy Science Museum London


An epic show at London's Science Museum about the Soviet space program, reviewed.

'From Russian avant-garde to priceless spacecraft relics and stirring graphics from days that were never more heroic, this is a cosmic parade'

Blueprint / designcurial November/December 2015



Valentina Tereshkova in conversation, 2015 and spacesuited, 1963 photo ©Herbert Wright

52 years after she became the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova came to London, to be reunited with her Vostok capsule. And she had same stories to tell!
Journal of Wild Culture October 2015



The Kuiper Belt shows as orange in this diagram 'Orbits of Pluto, PT1, New Horizons' targets' © Alex Parker

As NASA's New Horizons passes Pluto, we've stepped through the door into a strange new realm called the Kuiper Belt. Out there is a deep freeze of not just new worlds, but also simmering issues — including perhaps even our very origins. To help clarify things, I imagine a large dining table to map it all out.
Journal of Wild Culture July 2015



Roadmap to the Stars
First, we take the Solar System! How humanity could colonise the galaxy... but what is to be human anyway? Come on a trip to an ultimate destiny...
uncube magazine no 19: the Space issue March 2014



SKYLON is go!
The revolutionary spaceplane from Reaction Engines, Oxfordshire, UK
Blueprint- March 2011

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