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Hello, Bomb?

Is the COVID-19 pandemic bringing us closer to the digital matrix? How do we share society with intelligent digital beings?

blog May 2020


Ramping Up the Countryside

Rem Koolhaas' show Countryside, The Future is at the Guggenheim NY, which remains closed for now. But you can read all about it...

CoBo Social April 2020



The City of the Singularity

Speculation about machine intelligence in complete control of the city and its citizens. The technical feasibility of this science-fiction scenario could come soon. It has political, philosophical and perhaps existential dimensions


part 1- You See Us - November 2019

part 2- Missions Too Important to Jeopardise - January 2020



An ex-detainee helps model a Syrian prison. Image: Forensic Architecture, 2016

Finding the Truth Where It Hurts

Forensic Architecture is a research group that seeks the truth about some of the darkest events of our time. A show at the ICA, London reveals some of their work

Journal of Wild Culture April 2018  



Design Society - Views from the Top

An interview with Ole Bouman, director of Shenzhen's cool new museum/institution that's out to set China's design agenda

CoBo Social Feb 2018


California at London's Design Museum

The show's called Designing Freedom and it cruises design from an acid blotter to the sprawling metropolis- but where is California taking us in the digital age? Exhibition review.

Blueprint/ blog July/Aug 2017



Museum of Second World War, Prof. Machcewicz- photos Herbert Wright

The final interview with Prof. Paweł Machewicz, March 2017, before his dismissal as director, Museum of Second World War, Gdansk - transcript + follow-up statements from related parties - independant blog



Anti-Vietnam demonstrators at the Pentagon, 1967. Photo by Bernie Boston the Washington Post via Getty Images

You Say You Want A Revolution

The Victoria & Albert Museum's far-out show about the 1960s will blow your mind- and as my review says, there's a message for our divise times as well

Blueprint Nov/ designcurial Dec 2016



Quanyechang and Urban Pavilion photo Herbert Wright

Beijing Design Week 2016

Hopeful hutong interventions, hipster product hops and huge-city confusion... I report

Bueprint 349 Nov / designcurial Dec 2016



From the Deep Archives!

My 1998 interview with Ian Brown

(ex-Stone Roses vocalist, then emerging indie solo star)

TransAction/ Rock-the-World September 1998



Deyan Sudjic at Design Museum. photo Luke Hayes

Understanding the World Through Design:

Interview with Deyan Dudjic

The director of London's new Design Museum offers his thoughts, on the eve of its opening

CoBo Social, Hong Kong November 2016



The Byrds touch down at Heathrow, 1965 Keystone Pictures USA / Alamy

50 years ago, The Byrds released the first psychedelic song. Eight Miles High bridged racial and cultural divides... far out!

Journal of Wild Culture August 2016



Jimi Hendrix 1969 photo © Barrie Wentzell

The groovy, cosy restored Jimi Hendrix flat in Mayfair, London... like a time-warp - but is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?
Blueprint March / designcurial April 2016


Peak Oil? Peak Stuff? The biggest of all is coming at us now:
India also has girls. Photo: Herbert Wright

Demographics and environmental degradation suggest the human race will soon be heading towards the Big Exit. We can shrink, or we can find a way out... way way out.

It's the biggest issue you'll ever read about.

Journal of Wild Culture Feb 2016



The Great Beyond
The Architectures of the Afterlife: A journey into the structures of Heaven, Hell and Limbo
Uncube (the Death issue) November 2015



detail, London after Dark by Fred Millett, 1966

Night Shift- a new show about a century of London's nocturnal transport
Designcurial September 2015



Tal R and his dog in Copenhagen. Photo G Hos

A Letter from Copenhagen

Denmark’s global design presence goes back to great modernist Arne Jacobsen, designer of Fritz Hansen furniture and architectural icons. In this bastion of urban cool, who's now colouring the world’s favourite chair? I meet artist Tal R and his giant dog

Blueprint Sep/ designcurial Oct 2015


photo © Jo Farrell 2015

The Matter of Tiny Feet
Photographer and anthropologist Jo Farrell's new book reveals the women whose feet were bound for a banished tradition
Journal of Wild Culture June 2015



photo © Herbert Wright

Milan's €3-billion Menu, Eat In or take-Away
Some say Milan Expo is a waste of money, a vanity fair corrupted by corporate presence. Anarchists say Fuck Expo. But it's also a celebration of civilisation, and I say it's worth it. Why? There's a message there that may actually save the human race
Journal of Wild Culture May 2015
or... with more pictures... personal blog May 2015



Riding Big Waves in the Spirit of Eco-Feminism
Sailing the Atlantic, tracking the health of the ocean and the all-female crew: Dr Lucy Gilliam's eXXpedition Atlantic, and an insight into pollution, toxics and eco-feminism
Part 1: Lucy Gilliam, toxics and planning a voyage through plastics
Part 2: eXXpedition Atlantic and eco-feminism

Journal of Wild Culture March 2015



drawing by Jane Noël, thought by Herbert Wright

Hacking the Animal
Myth and magic turned humans into animals . . . could technology do the same? And would being an animal be just another crazy thrill, or could we learn something to help humanity survive?

Journal of Wild Culture February 2015





A text from Rome! Parthanon photo by Herbert Wright

A Brief History of Text Life
When it comes to texting the future, the Romans beat Twitter hands-down. Inscriptions last and are now heading beyond the Solar System. And how could our social media messaging evolve?
Journal of Wild Culture November 2014




photo: Commonwealth Graves Commission

Global reach in solemn stones and mischievous maps.
Time to re-appraise graphic artist McDonald Gill -review of his retrospective in Suffolk

Blueprint/ designcurial September/October 2014



UK amateur cyclist John Bowskill tackled 'the toughest mountain bike race in the world'. The first of two reports on his epic endurance challenge starting in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Jon Bowskill and his bicycle have come down from the mountains, now he has the Sahara Desert to deal with! Final installment reporting about his epic endurance challenge
Journal of Wild Culture July 2014


Piling Up the Now
What of design in a world run by artificial intelligence? HAL, Watson, servers that really are up there with the clouds...
RIBA Journal May 2014


photo: Vaiva Katinaityte

An Inside Job

A British-led operation breaks into a Lithuanian prison. Their tools: art. Their mission: to save lives. I report
Journal of Wild Culture April 2014


Private Moon © Leonid Tishkov

Republic of the Moon at The Bargehouse SE1
The Art Catalyst's new exhibition lets artists loose with the Moon- and raises the question, what do we do with it? Read about the 'Bewildering Beauty of the Moon'...
Journal of Wild Culture January 2014


10 Billion by Stephen Emmott
We're 'fucked' says Microsoft science chief in a new Penguin book
Journal of Wild Culture August 2013


Kinetica Art Fair and Ecobuild
Kinetica- what's happening at London's kinetic/cybernetic art fair?
Ecobuild- 2013's massive sustainable building trade show- where's a Segway when you need one?
Blueprint May 2013


Interview- Brian Cox talks about CERN, the Higg's boson, Star Trek, how to communicate big messages, the importance of engineering and more- interview for Buro Happold's global mag
Y magazine Issue One December 2012


photo © Herbert Wright

In remembrance: Soho's Crazy Café Diva
Sad and mad- my favourite Soho eaterie closed this month

le cool May 2012

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Rings and Sporks © Herbert Wright

Olympic Rings in Sporks and Sauces

My photo composition, March 2012



Photo by Herbert Wright 2011

I stayed in Hong Kong's most notorious building, and I say
Long Live Chungking Mansions!
blog- January 2012



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